This is not, strictly speaking, a genealogical website.  Rather I have established it to house information about the people who were born, lived, married, died or were buried in northern Logan Co., southern Tazewell Co. and eastern Mason Co. in Illinois between the years 1850 and 1965.  Information relevant to family genealogies can be found here.


A considerable amount of information exists for these people which is not readily available via the internet.  I hope that this site will expand user knowledge of the existence and availability of these sources.  To that end, all information contained here is "sourced" in detail.


Because it is such an extensive project, this site will always be a "Work in Progress".  My intent is to provide regular updates to the data.  Therefore, if the families or individuals you are seeking are not here today, check back in a month or two.  As an additional note, living persons have been excluded from the data.


Towns covered by this site include:  Green Valley, Hopedale, Delavan, Armington, San Jose, New Holland, Emden, Hartsburg and Atlanta.  The townships are:  Sand Prairie, Dillon, Hopedale, Malone, Delavan, Boynton and Hittle in Tazewell Co.;  Prairie Creek, Orvil, Eminence, Atlanta, Sheridan, West Lincoln, East Lincoln and Oran in Logan Co.;  and Allen Grove in Mason Co.


Additional information which is not included here is always welcome.  Click on my name below to send me an e-mail with any additional material, questions or comments you may have.


Again, thanks for your patience and support.